The Worlds of Siilain are innumerable and vast. This has caused several nations to sponsor explorers to traverse the many worlds to find new, exotic, and old items; new avenues of trade and in some cases war. These explores are considered ambassadors, surveyors, appraisers, preachers, warriors, and much much more. Most importantly however they are wealthy and famous in not only their home world but many that they have traveled to. It is this reason that many aspire to become explorers. To be a true explorer one needs a sponsor, to gain access to the planar gates.

You have arrived at a small town were you have determined the rumor of a new sponsor have originated from. The town is in a balanced plane. It has walls and seems to be moderately poor. You wounder how a sponsor could possibly be in such a poor town so go looking for him.

Please create your characters with the point buy system normal fantasy. You can be any race or class and have two traits. However you must have a back story, why you are the class you are, why you want to become a sponsored adventurer, what you did before trying to get a sponsor, how you came by the traits you have, and how you heard of the rumor. Unaccepted stories result in me filling in the blanks and causing bad things to happen. Exceptionally good stories may result in high fantasy point buy.

Exploring the Planes of Siilain

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